Going fishing with my mates is my favourite thing to do. There’s no doubt about it. Spending time on the open water with my absolute best friends just fills me with joy. It’s like there’s nothing else in the world when we’re all out there together. We just spend time together drinking beers, attempting to catch fish and laughing at the friend who catches the least. It truly is one of the best things in life. Back when we realised our love of fishing was more than just a phase, we all decided to pitch in money so that we could all own our own boat. As such, we all part own a boat and we all spend our weekends[…]

Hello and welcome to the final twenty minutes of the Travelling Car Competition for 2021. I’m Moe Bile, and I’m here this afternoon with my co-host Mike Anic. Mike was feeling a bit out of sorts before the ad break, but after some water and inhaling some car fumes, he’s feeling better than effort. Mmm, yeah I’m feeling really good. Thanks, Moe. Uh, no worries Mike. Anyway, we’ve got a clear frontrunner this afternoon. It looks like Aidan is just moments away from taking out the hardest leg of the Traveling Car Competition. This man is an absolute trooper. I have a feeling people will be asking Aidan to do a sneaky car service in Hobart for cash on the[…]

Do you know what my favourite thing about space was? Not having glass break. With low gravity, if you dropped a window it would just slowly float toward the ground and land there safely. On Earth, you get no such mercy. Drop a window and it smashes into a million tiny pieces which will take you an hour to clean up. It’s infuriating. I’ve wasted so much money on glass objects that were destroyed by the gravitational pull of our planet. Maybe I’m just clumsy, sure, but I’m certain I wouldn’t be in this situation if I still lived on the moon. Damn you, BASA, for recalling me from my space mission! Now I’ve got to find a business for[…]

If you ask me, there’s a serious shortage of creative magic systems in young adult novels as of late. I do like a story with an interesting magic system, but most of the ones hailed as ‘creative’ are just copies of each other.  It’s like ‘ooh, wow, they use stones to fight each other. And the stones have symbols on them. Wow!’ Or you’re reading a book and it’s all like ‘the main characters are angels, fighting tree people, and they use the power of singing to cast magic!’ And my response to that is… they’re still using magic. It’s just magic, except with voices instead of sticks. A half canopy! That’s what would make for a real magic system.[…]

Hello, lovely readers. What follows is the synopsis of my forthcoming novella. Feel free to provide some feedback below. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. His name was Christian, child of God. Always a diligent Catholic, insides sooty with the dark flame of desire. Yet Christian’s desires were no mere temptations of earthly delights. No, his urges and proclivities were far more sordid, impelled by a demonic force hidden deep within. It came as no surprise to his mother when he was reported, at the supple young age of fifteen, attending funerals in Perth. It was the directors themselves who first alerted Mrs Gunter to her son’s odd behaviour. While outwardly Christian projected the image of the perfect son —[…]