We all have tiny secrets that are better off staying that way. I, as a mother of three, have plenty. They are all harmless and it wouldn’t matter if anyone found out, but it would also just be easier if no one did. One of my harmless secrets for example, is that two years ago when I started bringing my children into the office, I had commercial interior glass tinting done on the room that they’d be spending most of their time in. It was easy to do because I’m the owner of the business and the office. I did it because I didn’t want my employees to see how unruly my kids can be. I have to keep up[…]

Welcome back to the account of my journeying through Ringwood, the town with the friendliest people in Australia. Let’s move onto Thursday. What will I get up to next? Thursday: As I previously mentioned, I wanted to check out the swimming pool, which turned out to be really great. I took the children of the Trish family, who had a fun time. Then I returned to the local shopping centre, where I bought lots of things at a great price. Since I am pretending to be homeless, however, I had to put all the stuff I bought in my car. I can’t see that becoming a problem at all, though. Friday: Well, I got kicked out of the Trish home.[…]