Unlike most people, I’m not fond of weekends. I like to be kept busy, and for many people the weekend is suddenly this time when you’re free to do whatever you please. I haven’t really found many hobbies thus far, and I don’t really get into traditional television entertainment, so I spend most of them wandering aimlessly in an attempt to occupy my mind. I’ve been conditioned to be busy. There was ALWAYS something to do on the space station, at every hour of the day. Even when you took a break, they were short and the back of your mind was thinking about the next thing to do. That’s just how my mind works now, forever. This last Saturday[…]

You know what kind of glass they use in space shuttles? I know, everybody is probably wondering, since spaceships have to go into space (funnily enough) and you can’t have a stray rock or bird flying into the windscreen and sucking everyone into the vacuum. I’ll tell you: it’s three separate layers of different types of glass specially designed to withstand heat, and placed at the back of shuttle to avoid the hypersonic speed of reentry burning them to a crisp. I remember learning this way back in the academy, back when my life had purpose and drive. Now I sometimes look out of my windows at home and imagine I’m back there, thinking back to the inky blackness of[…]