Unlike most people, I’m not fond of weekends. I like to be kept busy, and for many people the weekend is suddenly this time when you’re free to do whatever you please. I haven’t really found many hobbies thus far, and I don’t really get into traditional television entertainment, so I spend most of them wandering aimlessly in an attempt to occupy my mind.

I’ve been conditioned to be busy. There was ALWAYS something to do on the space station, at every hour of the day. Even when you took a break, they were short and the back of your mind was thinking about the next thing to do. That’s just how my mind works now, forever. This last Saturday I went down to the local park and watched them setting up cricket nets for an hour. I offered to help at one point, and they said they were fine. Then the junior cricket league came in for practice, and I just…watched. And then I left, because I got the idea that the parents were becoming unnerved. I can understand that, but I could hardly explain that I was literally just looking for something to do.

A friend recently suggested that I write a book about my experiences in space. I certainly have enough adventures, mishaps and stories to compile into an autobiography of sorts, though I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of where to get started, never having written much outside of mission reports. I think from my observation I could probably set up some cricket netting, but that can’t exactly occupy a person’s time for the entire weekend. There comes a time when you have to stop setting up sports netting, so people can come onto the field and USE the cricket netting. But when? WHEN is the time??

Back to the drawing board, I think. Perhaps I should take up poetry…start with haikus, work my way up.