I’m not big on sci-fi, and you might’ve guessed. I’ve always found it rather silly, how they try their best to research distant planets, how space travel works, the exact working of gravity, and sometimes the results of falling into a black hole. I can’t actually refute or critique that last one, because it never happened to me. Not personally. Though I’ve seen what they THINK will happen, and I don’t care for it myself. Too much crying and time travel. The worst thing is when people just think you can have glass windows, like that of a car, in space vehicles. Uh…why do you think they built the rest of the ship out of incredibly expensive and specialised materials,[…]

You know what kind of glass they use in space shuttles? I know, everybody is probably wondering, since spaceships have to go into space (funnily enough) and you can’t have a stray rock or bird flying into the windscreen and sucking everyone into the vacuum. I’ll tell you: it’s three separate layers of different types of glass specially designed to withstand heat, and placed at the back of shuttle to avoid the hypersonic speed of reentry burning them to a crisp. I remember learning this way back in the academy, back when my life had purpose and drive. Now I sometimes look out of my windows at home and imagine I’m back there, thinking back to the inky blackness of[…]