Welcome back to the account of my journeying through Ringwood, the town with the friendliest people in Australia. Let’s move onto Thursday. What will I get up to next?

Thursday: As I previously mentioned, I wanted to check out the swimming pool, which turned out to be really great. I took the children of the Trish family, who had a fun time. Then I returned to the local shopping centre, where I bought lots of things at a great price. Since I am pretending to be homeless, however, I had to put all the stuff I bought in my car. I can’t see that becoming a problem at all, though.

Friday: Well, I got kicked out of the Trish home. They found out I wasn’t homeless, since those little rugrats tattled on me. I knew I shouldn’t have taken them shopping. I thought they’d just keep it a secret.

So yeah, I’m back in my car. That’s okay because I need to start exploring the other side of town. I don’t think I’ll go with the homeless con again. Oh yeah, and I had to get RACV servicing near Ringwood Planetarium (which is fantastic, by the way). Turns out that my car was in really bad shape. I failed to mention the sputtering sound to the mechanic, so he just fixed the brake squeaking. Because I hadn’t got the engine fixed, it blew up when I tried to drive it.

Saturday: With no vehicle again, since I was once again booked in at the car service centre, Ringwood public transport had to save the day. I caught the bus to the other side of town and checked out the local parks. The trees are really nice, but I think the ponds could use some improvement. Too much water, in my opinion.

Sunday: This was my last day in Ringwood, so I took it as an opportunity to thank the local people for their kindness toward me over the last week. Of course, I also picked up my car from the kind mechanic and thanked him for his hard work. Mrs Trish won’t talk to me, but that’s just life. Time to move onto the next town!