Hello and welcome to the final twenty minutes of the Travelling Car Competition for 2021. I’m Moe Bile, and I’m here this afternoon with my co-host Mike Anic. Mike was feeling a bit out of sorts before the ad break, but after some water and inhaling some car fumes, he’s feeling better than effort.

Mmm, yeah I’m feeling really good. Thanks, Moe.

Uh, no worries Mike. Anyway, we’ve got a clear frontrunner this afternoon. It looks like Aidan is just moments away from taking out the hardest leg of the Traveling Car Competition. This man is an absolute trooper. I have a feeling people will be asking Aidan to do a sneaky car service in Hobart for cash on the side once this competition is over.

Mmm, but he’s not a mechanic. He’s not allowed to. 

Yes, I know that Mike. Anyone who has been watching the show for more than 5 minutes knows that none of the contestants today are qualified mechanics. That’s the number one rule to enter! 

Wait, are there more rules to enter?

… Come on, Mike. Jeez, what did those fumes do to you? 

I don’t know man, but I like it. 

Okay. Moving on. My analysis was right, which is why I’m a commentator I suppose. I am paid to tell the audience what’s happening and I’ve definitely earned my money today! Aidan has officially won Hobart’s Travelling Car Competition! He is a machine!

Yeah it was pretty cool how he dealt with those truck tyres. In the Hobart area, they would have never seen anything like it. 

Glad to hear that you’re coming back to your senses, Mike. Well, that’s a wrap everyone. Thanks for joining us for another year of Australia’s best competition. If you’re interested in signing up next year, just make sure that you’re not a mechanic and you’re right to go. 

See you all next year.