It’s party season, which means I’ve been wearing heels a lot. They always say that beauty is pain, and I do agree with them, but wow I’m in a lot of pain. It’s just hard because I want to look good when I’m out and I want my legs to be elongated, but it’s actually really coming at the detriment of my feet and ankles. 

Seeing as the silly season has just begun, I’ve got at least three more months of wearing heels every weekend. I’ve decided to go to a foot specialist to discuss my options over the next few months because I don’t want to permanently damage my feet, but I also don’t want to be the only person out who isn’t wearing heels. It’s going to be a fine line I know, so I’m definitely willing to listen to whatever the foot specialist has to say. I just hope the specialist understands how important it is for me to look good on a night out.

So I’ve spoken to the foot specialist, and he has recommended that I don’t wear heels, but if I do then I should use specific foot care products. Cheltenham where I live is quite far from the city, so he’s also recommended that I don’t wear heels until I get to the place that I’m going. He’s given me some fold up shoes that fit in my bag for the times where I don’t have to be wearing heels, and I promised him that I will wear them.

I have taken everything he has said on board. He let me know that I could do permanent damage to my feet if I wear heels for 10 hours straight every week for months, and I really don’t want to do permanent damage. I’ll do what I can to minimise the damage I do to my feet, without ruining my appearance too. After the silly season I’ll go back to wearing flats.