Ever since I started working from home, I’ve been going on runs on my lunch break. This has been fantastic for my fitness, mental health and my productivity at work. It was something that I was never able to do whilst working in the office, for the obvious reasons such as there were no shower facilities and I was wearing heels every day. But now I’m able to dress comfortably, wear my funny-looking runners that fit my adult orthotics, and shower all before lunch ends. It’s been a godsend. 

I’m also really lucky to live in Cheltenham which is very close to the beach. I have three regular running routes that I take depending on how busy work is and how stressed I am. If I’m super stressed out, I’ll go on my longest run. This is the perfect way for me to clear my head, and it helps a lot with the afternoon slump. If I’m not too stressed but work is busy, I’ll go on my short run. If the day is going well and normal, I’ll go on a medium sized run and make myself a delicious lunch afterwards.

The reason I have to wear orthotics in my runners is because I have… what’s it called again? I can’t even remember, but it’s one of those really common foot and ankle conditions. Cheltenham has expert foot specialists in the area, and so I visited one when I started feeling like something was off with my feet a couple of years ago. My foot condition is easily managed by wearing orthotics, and I’m able to go about my day to day life with no issues. 

I really love the fact that my life is my own now that I work from home. Because I go for a run on my lunch break, I don’t have to go on one after work. This gives me more time with my family and friends, and gives me more time to relax for the day ahead.