I like things to be quiet, which is why I’m dreading summer. All the kids run out in the street to play, and the noise they make is just plain oppressive. There’s no other way to describe it: downright oppressive. Then we have the ultimate party house next door, which just drives me to insanity when they open all the windows and blare their horrible tunes. I’m tempted to buy them an air conditioning unit and leave it on the doorstep anonymously, just so they’ll keep all the windows closed. Might get some peace. I’ve never been into sport, but I have a friend from my school days who’s repeatedly asking if I can come along on one of his[…]

I remember one time, back in space (that’s where I used to live), we celebrated a lunar eclipse. Truth be told, we couldn’t actually see anything because our vantage point wasn’t great, but we knew from the calendar that there was going to be a lunar eclipse so we celebrated accordingly. Well, I say ‘celebrated’…all we had was some orange flavour fizzy drink that had long since lost its fizz, but it was better than recycled water. It still felt special, because it was something we didn’t usually do. Here on Earth…well, there are so many things to do, just in Melbourne. Business who need private function rooms really know what they’re taking for granted? All of them are so…there. All the[…]