marine fabricationI like things to be quiet, which is why I’m dreading summer. All the kids run out in the street to play, and the noise they make is just plain oppressive. There’s no other way to describe it: downright oppressive. Then we have the ultimate party house next door, which just drives me to insanity when they open all the windows and blare their horrible tunes. I’m tempted to buy them an air conditioning unit and leave it on the doorstep anonymously, just so they’ll keep all the windows closed. Might get some peace.

I’ve never been into sport, but I have a friend from my school days who’s repeatedly asking if I can come along on one of his fishing trips. Seems very proud of his boat, and his son, who works somewhere in Melbourne doing marine fabrication or some such thing. I’ve seen him driving to and fro, actually, and his boat is massive. If I go on a trip (i.e. a miracle happens), I’ll at least know that I have a place to go to be alone.

Actually, boats are enclosed just like the space station. The whole world is just too wide and spacious for my liking, especially in Australia, but boat cabins are built with a different goal in mind. That’s the main goal- as much living space as possible, in a smaller area. The ceilings are low, the corridors are narrow…maybe I’d feel right at home. I should buy a houseboat of some kind and just live there, come to think of it. I know all about the Melbourne marine fabrication industry, and I’ve never really liked my house. Maybe I’ll mount a snapper rack and invite all my fishing buds over.

Ha, that’s a good one.