land clearing MelbourneHad a spare evening, so I thought I’d see what this television thing is that people keep going on about. Yes, I know what TV is, but I just haven’t been interested since I got back to Earth. It was rubbish programing when I left, and I doubt things have improved. Up in the space station we made our OWN entertainment, often with bits of string and faded playing cards. They weren’t the best games, but it didn’t matter. Our fun threshold was way down.

Funnily enough, something on television did hook my interest, although I’m fairly sure that it was a children’s programme so perhaps that’s a bad sign. Power Rangers it was called, about these park rangers with powerful quads who teach kids about the wilderness around Melbourne. Tree lopping was the flavour of the hour, apparently, and they were teaching a bunch of kids (who looked like they had no clue what was going on) about the proper time to chop down a tree. There may have been something about responsible lopping, or…something along those lines. I was just so fascinated with how sincere the whole thing was. This was a show for children, which I thought were all about lasers and explosions and general violence, especially with a name like that. Well, there’s lasers and then those scenes where people make terrible jokes and the studio audience laughs like they’re being held at gunpoint. But this was really educational. I learned something about the process of tree lopping, and how it can truly benefit the environment when done in a controlled manner. There was also the thing about being safe while lopping, with hard to jobs to be left to the professionals, and then…well, perhaps I got quite involved. Those powerful rangers seem like a decent bunch, especially with how they visited Windsor, tree removal services there got a tourism boost. Maybe TV isn’t so bad.