dry needling coursesI went on a date with a very handsome doctor last week. He ticked pretty much all the boxes. He has all his hair and not only is it there, but it is blonde and beautiful as well. He owns his own home and it has a spare bedroom which pretty much means he wants kids. He also does a lot of charity work and regularly takes his mother to the ballet! Did I mention that he is also a doctor?! The only thing was he just couldn’t stop talking about dry needling courses. I know, I hadn’t heard of it either but apparently within the medical profession it is a very popular way to treat muscle pain. I guess he is kind of a specialist in dry needling and was just excited to talk about it but honestly he brought it up every five minutes. At first I was impressed by his inside medical knowledge and I was happy to linger on the topic for a while but after the tenth monologue about the benefits of dry needling in deactivating pain triggers I was about to ready to leave. It’s just such a shame when the good ones are just a little off in the head. Why couldn’t we just talk about normal date things like what baby names we like and potential wedding colour patterns. I guess he was pretty convincing because I did find myself looking up trigger point dry needling courses and recommending it to my brother who is a chiropractor. I told him he should be up on the technique because of its rising popularity. While I didn’t find my dream man I did improve my brother’s business, a good silver lining I suppose. Next week I am going out with a zookeeper and then a tailor so fingers crossed!