app developmentWhen I returned to Earth I was immediately struck by how much technology had advanced, particularly in its efforts to connect people to the solar system and beyond. There is a fantastic initiative run by NASA each year to encourage technologically savvy people of all backgrounds to compete to develop the most cutting edge and useful space relevant apps. This year I have asked to be a judge on the panel for the competition. Whilst tech isn’t my strong suit, space is. Between us judges we had the skills and knowledge to critique each entry from every angle. I was most impressed by an app submitted from a beginner, a young girl who had just completed an app development course. She had developed an app that could connect users to individual stars allowing them to track the stars lifespan. It was educational, impressive and inspirational. Technology is an excellent vehicle for education and many of the apps developed were centred around classroom education. There were ten awards handed out to the most novel and best executed ideas. The winners ranged from professional app development experts to complete novices. I was inspired to enroll into an app development course in Melbourne when I got home! The power of tech turns ideas into realities and I wanted to be a part of the journey along with the inspired sparkly eyed competitors I had met at the competition. I had some excellent ideas for increasing communication between space and earth. The app design would be complex but fresh from NASA I feel like no challenge is too great! Since I have returned to earth I have found my brain a little unstimulated so I welcome the increase in cerebral thought. Watch this space. Astronaut becomes app developer!