I’ve recently been doing an internship with an interior design company. I actually applied for the internship quite a while ago but a spot only just came up and I decided it would be a good way to find out more about the industry before I applied for permanent roles. The internship was four weeks and each week I would spend in a different department. I have just finished my first week with the designer bathroom department, I have been helping design modern practical bathrooms.  I’ve been along to a few sites, mainly checking out the kitchen renovation scene in the Bayside area to see the kind of work the company does. I suppose kitchens aren’t the first thing that[…]

This weekend we had my mother-in-law staying with us because she was having her kitchen renovated. I didn’t like to point out that she did have two other fully functioning kitchens at her house. Denise stayed with us on Friday and Saturday night, mainly as a precaution should her entire plumbing system go down, an extremely unlikely outcome of a simple kitchen renovation. Melbourne summers have not been kind to her skin, and as her years have advanced, Denise has taken to making adjustments to her already very lovely house. Last weekend she had the painters in to fix up the top coat around the door frames, the difference is wholly unnoticeable. Every now and again her penchant for renovations[…]

You know what I really love about dark science? The banter. We have some great times here in the lab as we break all laws of common decency and delve into the deeper depths of unethical behaviour. There sure are some comedians in this place, I’ll tell you that much. Baxter is a hoot when he’s not struggling with the approximately seventeen voices in his head! So anyway, we’re working on quite a specific project today, and that’s a way of matching a person up to a perfect home via a complex and invasive algorithm. The first challenge is that this would be the job of a property advocate. There are Melbourne companies that do property advocacy, from what I’ve[…]

I never gave much thought to buying property – until I scored this book deal, that is. I’ve gone from being a reasonably penniless photographer to a social media success story, to having a fairly sizable bank balance that lets me begin to conceive of having a mortgage. Anyway, now that the thought has occurred to me, I can’t seem to shake it. After years of globetrotting, I’m keen to invest in a stable home base and a studio to work from (one that’s not a garage in an industrial zone). A house with a dedicated dark room is the dream, and it’s starting to appear to be within reach. I feel like I need some professional advice, though. What[…]