I often find myself thinking about the day we almost changed the course of history. It was 1984, the third year of our Lunar Power mission. We’d spent the last few weeks setting up our solar panels, ready for harvesting that incredible energy from the suns. We built a giant ring of these panels around the moon, meaning that we were always getting energy. A lot of it came from the stars on the dark side of the moon. With a few more months of work, we’d be ready to send the energy back to Earth. It would change the world forever. But everything changed when the aliens attacked. I remember it clearly. I was connecting our commercial solar power[…]

I just saw an absolutely fascinating documentary last night. It was all about space travel; specifically, long-term space travel, and how we’ll eventually be exploring the universe. Science, as it currently stands, doesn’t believe faster-than-light travel is possible. If they turn out to be right about that, then we’ll just have to settle for travelling as close to the speed of light as possible. Which in universal terms, is still not going to get us very far, but we’ll do what we can to spread the empire of man across the cosmos. Scientists have come up with an incredible method of getting rid of our fuel problem as well. Right now, places that do commercial solar panels in Melbourne are[…]