There’s a certain zen peace to being in space that you can’t find anywhere on Earth. Personally, I think it’s to do with the possessions. On the space station, everything we owned we also owned by someone else…or should I say, there WAS no true ownership. It was a blessed system of former possessions transitioning into objects, simply floating around and available to be used by all. I still don’t know who originally owned the red toothbrush all these years later! It’s a mystery! Then I was brought back down to Earth and suddenly everything was taxes, prices, mortgages, don’t use my toothbrush that’s gross. When would it end? I had to acclimatise to a whole new world. The first[…]

I recently found my old diary while I was cleaning out my parents house. I couldn’t face reading theawkward teenage years so I skipped to five years ago. I found a page with a title ‘The 5 year plan’. Be married to Zack Goodyear, own a house in Melbourne, maybe pregnant but definitely considering it if not, and owner of my own cafe. Ok so I’m not married to Zack Goodyear, I rent a place just outside of Melbourne and I definitely am not considering being pregnant. However I do own my own cafe! Not bad, one out of four! Although I am in the processing of selling the business. The craziest thing happened. Feeling fairly down about my failure[…]