Melbourne timber window repairWhen I returned to earth I found it hard to reintegrate into the every day of life on the blue planet. I was used to a strict and exciting routine on the mission so when I was faced with refilling the ice trays and replacing the windows I suddenly felt a little meaningless. My wife understood my anxiety towards the trivial mundane stuff and would try so hard to pose me challenges that would stretch me. Bless her. I was sure it would pass, it is a classic psychological passageway for astronauts to go through when they return to civilian life. If Neil Armstrong can do it, so can I. I decided to just throw myself into the house. We were making some changes now the kids had moved out. The first thing to do was replace our timber windows, Melbourne weather has taken its toll on our beautiful window frames and after 30 years of sun, rain and wind they need an upgrade. It doesn’t quite compare to identifying other planetary life forms, but a task is a task, and the sense of satisfaction of completing it, although dulled, felt the same! I had called the company that initially did our installation as they are known to be the best timber window repair service in Melbourne and arranged their visit. I decided to help with some of the renovations to try and fulfil my need to do things. I was currently working on painting the upstairs loft. It hadn’t had a fresh lick of paint since I originally left for space all those years ago. Whilst painting I noticed the upstairs aluminium windows also needed a few repairs. I was able to arrange those through the same window repair company. When I had a moment to think between the window repair organising and the painting I just couldn’t quite believe how bland my life had become. I learnt then not to stop and think but to do.