I had to take my car to the auto shop yesterday, but given the current world circumstances, I wasn’t able to go see a movie or anything, as I usually would while waiting for a car service to be done. So I spent most of the time sitting in the workshop, waiting, just dawdling around on my phone. Eventually, I got so bored that I decided to watch something on Not Flicks, that streaming service everyone is using these days. Since I don’t have any shows I’m watching at the moment (well, I didn’t at the time, anyway), I just put on the first thing it happened to recommend.

So while I was waiting for my log book service at Ringwood to be completed, I ended up watching this show called Raincoat Academy. It was about these superheroes who have reunited after the death of their adopted father, and they’ve got some serious baggage. The thing that I really loved about the show, though, was that I saw myself represented in it. One of the superheroes, Lunar, spent several years on the moon for a secret mission. Now that he’s come back to Earth, he really misses his time in outer space and longs to go back. That’s just like me! 

Midsection of mechanic holding clipboard in front of open car engine at street

The whole point of this was to get log book servicing so that I could obtain a roadworthy certificate. Ringwood residents won’t buy a car without one, which is fair enough. But it’s just funny that I got something much more important than a roadworthy certificate out of my time out of the house yesterday. I got a sense of belonging with a fictional character from a silly show about dysfunctional superheroes. And this show totally isn’t my kind of thing, but because of Lunar, I’m going to keep watching it. I hope he gets to go back to the moon. It’s much better up there. Earth is seriously overrated. I hope the entire world gets destroyed and everyone has to move to the moon, in the show and in real life.