makeup artistsYou know, one thing I always thought we were missing on the space station was a coffee lounge. Maybe the technology just isn’t there yet, or we just don’t have the will. Or the space. Or the fact that beverages in zero gravity are just really hard (the go everywhere, and in the instruments if you’re not careful). But How many times were we up there, wishing we could just have a place to hang out and watch the Earth rise? We couldn’t talk about our days, because there were no such secrets. Everyone knew what everyone else was up to, all the time.

So we’d talk about the next best thing: our hopes and dreams. Kaylee wanted to do a makeup artist course when she got back, because she was a free spirit who wanted to taste everything life had to offer. She’d already fulfilled her lifelong dream of going to space, and now she wants to do a beauty and makeup course so she can feel the electricity of opening night, or a movie set while filming. Last I checked, Kaylee was doing just that. She confused me, partially because makeup and beauty aren’t things that hold my interest, and partially because anything that isn’t being an astronaut doesn’t sound like a viable career option in any way.

Worst thing was that Rico totally understood her, and he was supposed to be MY wingman. We were going to be astronauts until we were 80, bringing our spouses Into space with us and going on a space walk into oblivion. Then he goe and says that he thinks that a makeup course sounds exciting, and that he knew a cousin who went and did a diploma of beauty therapy somewhere in Brisbane. So maybe it was the best thing that we didn’t have a coffee bar, because we had slightly different ideas about life on Earth. Clearly.