Sigh. I’ve tried to get back into regular spooking, but after I had such a great time at Halloween, everything has seemed like it has a bit less of a sheen. People don’t scream and run away with the vigour like they used to, and I feel like my well of ideas is slowly running dry. Should I scare people…dressed as…a mummy?

Ugh, see what I mean!? A spooky mummy is the opposite to a spooky skeleton! I’m in a post-Halloween funk, and I don’t know how I can break out of it. I could always go driving again, but while people are spooked enough to cause accidents, I don’t actually want anyone to get hurt. Besides, I think the mechanics in local Bentleigh are starting to twig that there might actually be a spooky skeleton driving around and causing alarm, rather than just dismissing the stories and assuming people were texting and driving. 

I should be able to drive without fear of reprisal, you know. I stood up in the last Human Class and gave an impassioned speech about how it shouldn’t be us learning to live with humans and adopting their customs, but instead, they need to learn to adapt to us. I’m a spooky skeleton, I’m proud of that, and if I want to get auto electrical work done on my vehicle, I should be able to do so without dressing up in a disguise for fear of causing panic.

The teacher told me to sit down, because I was speaking nonsense, and also I’d interrupted Robot Wizard’s oral presentation on the dangers of attempting to simulate the eating and/or drinking of soup. The latter of these I will accept; it was quite rude of me.

But still. I’ve grown to enjoy driving, and I’ve also grown to hate wearing my disguise. If I can regularly go to get a car service near Bentleigh East, and no one panics, am I really still a spooky skeleton? How important IS it that I’m spooky at all…?

-R. McSkulliam