hyperbaric chambers

Finally, something that makes sense! I’ll take four, one for each of my rooms. They come in different sizes and colours? Who knows, but I’m finding out. The thing about being in space is that at first, you’re not used to the artificial oxygen. It tastes off and metallic, like you’re stuck on a train car or in some metal smelting factory 24/7. I wasn’t sure if I could breathe the stuff for months, but eventually I just got used to it. And in the few moments when I noticed that it wasn’t ordinary Earth oxygen, I realised that I preferred it. Then I got back to ground, and…well, I suppose this oxygen will do. Who knows what’s on the wind, though? You could be inhaling fumes from a sewage plant.

But hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Finally, Melbourne life is doing me a solid. My friend has heard me talk (that is: complain) about how strange the air down here tastes, so she recommended an oxygen therapy treatment place. In fact, they just set up on her road, so we went down after coffee and took a look. Well, I knew it as soon as I stepped in, that this was what I’d been looking for. There’s absolutely no taste on your tongue like some bottle oxygen, all purified and free from any of the rubbish it gets tainted with while floating around in the air. Ugh, just to think about all that time when I had no choice…anyway, I’d been having a few joint pains anyway, so I thought I’d give this oxygen therapy thing a go. And as soon as I stepped into the chamber, it was almost like being back home. The air was right again, and I finally relaxed for the first time since touching down. I didn’t want to get out, especially since I just generally felt healthier. See, oxygen really does this kind of thing for you! I need portable hyperbaric chambers at home, stat. You’ll need a crowbar to get me out.