Just watched a movie about space bugs. Didn’t enjoy it very much.

I suppose I can’t help myself from noticing the inconsistencies in the space travel on- screen, like how there are so many explosions in space and NO ONE Has a problem with it. Actually, if there was an explosion in space, not only would there be no sound, but…

I don’t even want to bother. There are just far too many, and I’m not talking about the giant space bugs that can’t talk but also apparently have spaceships. Always hated the word ‘spaceships’…it’s far too general. And why does nobody fly around in shuttles?

I should just stop. I have a friend in Dandenong who does pest control, so I can’t imagine what he’d think of this whole thing. Giant bugs? I mean, you’d think in the space age of whenever this movie was set they’d have giant pest control people…or something. Certainly you’d need some special equipment to take care of these things, but I’m no pest control expert so I can’t begin to guess. In this movie, people mostly shot at them. Didn’t seem to do much though. The bugs were a lot like termites, I think…or at least, the end of the movie had everyone going into the nest, which was this big underground maze. You’d think they gas them out or something, right? That’s what real pest control people do…I think. But they didn’t do that. They just planted a lot of bombs and blew the whole place up. I get the feeling that’s not standard procedure for the Dandenong based termite control company, just like it’s not standard spacewalk procedure to jump out of an airlock with no spacesuit and give someone the kiss of life, after which you use a fire extinguisher to get back into the spaceship, which instantly decompresses even though…ugh.