Lorne will always hold a special place in my heart, for obvious reasons. When we first came back to Earth after the space mission, our craft landed right on target in the bay, and we were pulled to shore with crowds cheering. At the time, I was still unsure about returning to Earth but it was certainly a buzz, plus the mayor threw us a welcome home breakfast right there on the beach, where we could chat to our fans. And after that, we collapsed into soft hotel feather beds, because we’d been up for 46 hours by that point and it was definitely time for sleep!

I suppose I have a soft spot for all the hotels in Lorne, for that exact reason. It’s a peaceful place, as well…a bit more like it was in space, and less like the bustling city. Even in the quietest streets, there’s always something to bring you right back down to Earth. A dog barking, someone yelling at their kids, sirens all around…and there are still noises by the sea, but they just tend to be of a more peaceful sort. It helps that I’m often there in winter during the school term when most kids are inside or in school. I take a stroll down the beach, feel the blistering cold on my face and enjoy the solitude. Maybe I’d do well living in a house on the hill, or deep in a cave. It’d have to be a really nice cave, with a really nice house inside, but the whole point is that it’s isolated. Like what I love about Lorne and the coast; perfect desolation, in winter at least. No ice cream men to sneak up on you and irritate you with loud music.

Come to think of it, it’s about time I got back to Lorne. Luxury accommodation on the cheap whenever I want it sounds perfect. Astronaut perks, I suppose.