I just saw an absolutely fascinating documentary last night. It was all about space travel; specifically, long-term space travel, and how we’ll eventually be exploring the universe. Science, as it currently stands, doesn’t believe faster-than-light travel is possible. If they turn out to be right about that, then we’ll just have to settle for travelling as close to the speed of light as possible. Which in universal terms, is still not going to get us very far, but we’ll do what we can to spread the empire of man across the cosmos.

Scientists have come up with an incredible method of getting rid of our fuel problem as well. Right now, places that do commercial solar panels in Melbourne are just getting started. There are certainly more of them around than ever before, but it’s still gaining ground in terms of ubiquity and efficiency.

Basically, you get some huge collapsible industrial solar panels of the absolute highest quality, like we’re going to have in the future, and you set a course for the nearest star. Of course, the panels drink in energy from our sun, after which they’re able to supply the energy to make it to the next star, and then you repeat the process over and over. It’s like refuelling on the freeway.

If you think about it, solar panels are going to be the instigator for mankind spreading across the galaxy, and then the universe. All you need is a star, and there is more than a googleplex of those around. We’re not going to run out of light any time soon. Of course, a ship covered in solar panels is going to be weighed down somewhat, so I’m thinking some sort of cryo pods are going to be necessary. It’s going to be a long trip. Space is so vast and wonderful it’s hard to fathom.

But it’s never going to happen if we don’t get our priorities in gear and support the commercial solar systems available in Melbourne, right now. I just covered my own roof in panels. I’m expecting the same from everyone in ten years, tops.