I never gave much thought to buying property – until I scored this book deal, that is. I’ve gone from being a reasonably penniless photographer to a social media success story, to having a fairly sizable bank balance that lets me begin to conceive of having a mortgage.

Anyway, now that the thought has occurred to me, I can’t seem to shake it. After years of globetrotting, I’m keen to invest in a stable home base and a studio to work from (one that’s not a garage in an industrial zone). A house with a dedicated dark room is the dream, and it’s starting to appear to be within reach.

I feel like I need some professional advice, though. What is the whole deal with real estate, and do I have the spare energy to dedicate to figuring it out? At the end of the day, it’s possible to hire someone to help with just about anything these days, and that surely includes getting in on the property market.

I mentioned it in passing to a friend, and she said something about her sister’s real estate buyers advocate in Melbourne. I wasn’t paying that much attention, but from what I gather, a buyers advocate is like a real estate agent, but working on behalf of a prospective buyer. I guess they advise you on what’s a good deal, and negotiate and put down bids on your behalf. Sounds pretty helpful to me – even just having an expert on hand to consult with would make the whole process that much less intimidating.

Look, I won’t be starting my property hunt at the very top of the market, that’s for sure. Financially speaking, I haven’t yet made it big by any stretch of the imagination. But I do have enough of a solid footing to start thinking about what’s possible, and that means contemplating what it is that I actually want.

I’d love for a real estate professional to help me devise a brief, outlining things like the architectural features needed to meet my specific vision of a home photography studio.